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A Unified Theory of Light

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Theodore Worozbyt's A Unified Theory of Light
Winner of the 2005 Annual DHP Chapbook Competition
ISBN 0-9659307-9-3
Frontispiece by Diane Ludwig

Praise for A Unified Theory of Light


Ted Worozbyt probes essence after essence, getting the music just right as he turns himself
over to "the shifting forces / and invisible objects which form our ideas of love." An intoxicating
collection, dazzling in its wording, and perfect-pitch in matters of the heart.
 Robin Behn


Rarely has a title been more apt:  A Unified Theory of Light orders the disorder of this world with a kind of vision that shines. Wherever “the corners / of things give way to shadow,” these poems thrum, these poems sing, these poems burn.  Paul Guest


Complex yet crisp, the poems of Theodore Worozbyt show us that he knows how to tell it slant, and for 
that alone we should read him.  Worozbyt also shows us how to make the personal poem truly a work of 
art (e.g., "Scarecrow," "Sadness," "Chess" -- especially read in that order), and for that reason we should 
teach him.  Read A Unified Theory of Light cover to cover once, then again, and perhaps again, to discover 
the quiet prize of its stunning unity. — C. J. Sage


A Unified Theory of Light

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